Psychological factors of women with infertility problems essay

It is on the basis of healthy psychological good frame of mind and healthy parenting that motive the researcher to wards ascertaining the effects of female infertility on the reproductive women in nnewi community. How stress is related to infertility (the psychological and physical/biological issues/effects of stress on women) introduction it has been observed by many physicians and research scholars that childlessness is a major factor for distress, in most couples, that cannot conceive for some reason. Research papers on infertility can discuss many aspects of the issue that causes women and men a grave amount of anxiety and concern a medical research paper may take a holistic approach to examining the phenomenon of infertility , focusing on both the physical and emotional ramifications of the condition.

The overall prevalence of psychological problems of the infertile couples is estimated to be 25-60%, which is caused by a complexity of factors such as gender, the cause and duration of infertility, treatment methods, and culture (2, 14, 15. A study of 58 women from lapane and colleagues reported a 2-fold increase in risk of infertility among women with a history of depressive symptoms however, they were unable to control for other factors that may also influence fertility, including cigarette smoking, alcohol use, decreased libido and body mass index (lapane 1995. Emotional _ psychological problems lead to infertility or regarding the psychology of infertility and the methods of a scar on women's narcissism - essay. Infertility and psychological distress 1689 the temporal dimension another methodological problem in the study ,af the psychological consequences of infertility has to do with timing [4, 5, 11, 12, 22, 42, 76, 85, 92.

Psychological factors affecting fertility though many studies do show that women with infertility are more apt to have depression and anxiety, most doctors. Women currently experiencing infertility problems display factors with the stress of infertility treatment the psychological effects of infertility on women. Psychological issues related to infertility: the base rate of infertility among women has newton and colleagues 23 investigated pre-ivf psychological factors. There are many things that can cause infertility in both a man and women infertility can be cause by poor lifestyle or sexual habits of psychological problems.

Participants were: (a) ''forced to tell'' about their fertility problem in order to explain infertility places a barrier between the their childless state and management of infertility the importance of fertility among muslim (or subfertility) or they may be a women is exemplified by the social pressure contributory factor in. Factors influencing psychological stress: according to one study done in sweden, three separate factors seem to contribute to the psychological stress men and women experience as a result of their infertility the three factors, in order of importance for the women were,1. Moreover, a few quantitative studies on the psychological experiences of women with fertility problems conducted in karachi-pakistan and ghana revealed that women with infertility scored significantly high on depression and anxiety questions as compared to fertile women, leading to blame and other serious psychological problems [6, 10 - 12. However, the physical factors, psychological factors, beliefs and religion, social relationships, resourcefulness, and the insecurity and instability were the sub-themes in the women with life experience with infertility.

Ovulation disorders appear to be the most common cause of infertility in women ovulation is the monthly release of an egg the eggs may never be released or they may only be released in some cycles. In britain, male factor infertility accounts for 25% of infertile couples, whilst 25% remain unexplained 50% are female causes with 25% being due to anovulation and 25% tubal problems/other in sweden, approximately 10% of couples are infertile [6. Sexual problems that result in infertility the woman's changing body shape may cause distress and a sense of unattractiveness psychological factors. Infertility has many potential causes, which may involve the man, the woman or both partners in some cases, no cause of the problem can be determined, in which case the infertility is described.

A diagnosis of infertility--the inability to get pregnant after a year or more of trying--can lead to depression, anxiety and other psychological problems, trigger feelings of shame and failure to live up to traditional gender expectations and strain relationships, say psychologists specializing in infertility. Essay sample on infertility q1 according to the american society for reproductive medicine, the prevalence of infertility in the united states shows that the condition of infertility affects about 53 million americans, that is, almost 9% of the reproductive-age population.

Psychology and endometriosis in that psychological factors, not just physical ones, can influence the amount of pain we feel women with the disease may have. He says even if stress is causing a problem he recently launched his own study to test the impact of lower body massage therapy on women undergoing infertility treatments,. Thus, some external factors can cause psychological infertility: psychological problems won't be solved until such women really want children.

psychological factors of women with infertility problems essay Women suffering from infertility are at higher risk of experiencing psychological problems sexual function and sexual related quality of life is not considered as it should be we designed this study to assess depression, sexual function and sexual quality of life in iranian women with infertility.
Psychological factors of women with infertility problems essay
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